About Us

It all started with a Father & Son fishing trip to Louisiana


Here in the South, we’re blessed with great hunting and fishing. From our driveways, we can be fishing for bass or hunting deer or turkey in no more than 5 minutes. A two-hour trip to the west and we can be fishing for trout in the mountains, and two hours to the east we can be hunting ducks, fishing inshore for flounder, reds and specks, or trolling offshore for kings, dolphin and marlin. Yes, we have it pretty nice here in the South!


But as great as we have it around here, Louisiana is a whole other world!


Louisiana, the land of “the Big Easy”, foods with funny sounding names like etouffee, jambalaya and boudin, spooky swamps and bayous, giant gators (with mosquitos and beignets to match), massive bull reds … and Voodoo! We were lucky enough to experience all of this ourselves during a Louisiana fishing trip with our sons. For young boys (and grown men, for that matter!), spending two days zigzagging popping-corks and spoons between hungry gators to battle fish bigger than anything we’ve ever seen back home, this was the experience of a lifetime! Now, we’re not saying there was any Voodoo magic behind us boating over 200 reds and specks those two days… but it does make you wonder. Needless to say, that trip with our boys gave us a whole new “Voodoo” attitude towards fishing.


It’s that Voodoo attitude that we’ve brought back home in our line of quality outdoor sports gear, apparel and accessories. Voodoo offers dependable, comfortable and stylish gear that you can count on to meet all of your outdoor adventure needs. So, whether you’re pulling stripers out of the Chesapeake, big bull reds out of the surf at Ocracoke, kayaking for specks in the Fernandina marsh, or bowing to tarpon in the Keys, take a long a little Voodoo attitude.


Un peu de magie Vaudou ne peut pas nuire!

(A little Voodoo magic can’t hurt!)


Want to learn more about us? Check out this video - Voodoo!